About Tattoo Creations
Hi my name is  Matt Kraft and I'm going to tell you a little bit about how Tattoo
Creations came about. Well first of all I have been Tattooing for about 9 years
now and I love it! I have worked at a few other Tattoo shops and my dream
was always to open my own Tattoo shop, So I made it happen! I have always
drawn since I was a kid and I always knew when I grew up that I wanted to
do something that had to do with art. Anyways enough about that. One of
the things about Tattoo Creations is that I run things more main stream and I
like to treat people with respect.
 I also try to meet each clients wants and
needs and I keep things professional and at the same time I keep it  laid
back. I try to make Tattoo Creations a comfortable place to get Tattooed.
Tattoo Creations can Tattoo just about any design a person wants. We also
do custom Tattooing and we do cover ups as well. I like to keep a clean shop
and  all of our Tattoo needles are one time use only and then disposed of
properly. We also use a hospital grade autoclave to sterilize our equipment.
Tattooing is my passion so I take pride in my shop and my Tattoos. We
accept appointments and we also accept walk ins any time. So feel free to
come on in and check us out. Hopefully I'll be seeing you soon.
Kettle Moraine Living a local Mukwonago newspaper did a article on
me and my tattoo shop about tattoos becoming more mainstream.